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CBNT Biomedical Nephrology Technologist
offered since 1999

Application Procedure
Download the Handbook, which contains the Application, click here


  • A minimum of a high school diploma
  • Completion of a one year nephrology technology training program with clinical experience,
    completion of a combination nephrology technology training program of less than 1 year and work experience equivalent to 1 year
  • Completion and filing of an application

Certification: $255.00
Online Practice Test: $60.00
Certification Certificate (first e-Certificate is free)

Duplicate Score Report: $25.00, click here

Scheduling Your Exam
Go to the testing service, click here, select “Locate” in the left column, and use:
Test Sponsor: Professional Testing Corporation
Program Name: National Nephrology Certification Organization
For additional information check the testing service’s FAQs, click here

Preparing for the Exam
Core Curriculum click here
NANT Study Materials click here
Online Practice Test click here

Report of Results
See page 12 of the Handbook

Please consult the NNCO examination handbooks for all additional certification and examination information, such as the purpose of certification, special needs requests, and the rules for examination.

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